Saturday, January 26, 2008


I might get suspended from The Group this week. But in my defense there was Naught I could think of, but I Never give in, so here is my Nonchalant attempt.

and is brought to you by the Letter N

firstly something Orange and what could warm the heart more than Orange material Needing to be made into a quilt.

something South American Nothofagus Tree found in the semi-arid land near the Southern tip of South America.
and how did I know - it was all found in the book

LIFE NATURE LIBRARY (little used but I did remember it was on the bookshelves).
and lastly

things that are good for us but we don't necessarily like

kNowledge and learning and homework.
I know I cheated a bit on these but it was very difficult this week.

Please let Next week be easier.

housekept 31/01/2008


Di's SnippitS said...

An excellent effort although that kNowledge thing is a bit sus. Love the tree.

Dy said...

Nothofagus tree - love it. You are very ingenious to come up with that one!
Next week is easier, truly it is :-)

Pennie & David said...

You will never be suspended from the Scatterdaises, not with a sense of humour this good!! BTW we have 12 Scots coming for lunch tomorrow... just thought I'd add that LOL

Di said...

I think a little deviousness (aka lateral thinking) is expected in this game, don't you? Thank you for the botany lesson too - my, isn't Scatterday educational?!?

Jodie said...

Next week is "Z" can you believe that!