Sunday, January 13, 2008


well that's my excuse. I am endeavouring to put some order into my sewing room. It is a mess, I think all the boxes have come out this last week. All for half a dozen pieces of fabric. But of course they had to go together.

This is my 4 Seasons Swap just the quilting, and maybe some red beads for the tall skinny tree. The outside trees have had about four different stars on them, but I have decided that I like them as they are.

I hope my partner likes it. Won't say what her preferences were, as she might pop over to have a look at what other quilters are doing. But it could be stretched to fit her requirements.

The Scot seems a bit better, but he does sleep a lot.

And he did make me mad this morning. But this is one of the most difficult lessons of my life. To keep my mouth tightly closed. Oh how I wish I was an Obedient Domesticated Goddess, then it would be so much easier. But I'm not sure The Scot would like me like that, as he wouldn't have anyone to blame or grumble at.

He is sleeping at the moment, my coffee is finished, so I had better get back to organising the chaos in the sewing room.


Barbara said...

I think your partners like the quilt . When they do'nt like it you can send the quilt to Germany:))
Have a nice day Barbara

Lindi said...

The quilt looks great Sheila. I like no stars on the 2 trees best, too.

riseoutofme said...

The quilt looks great Birdy ... How could anyone not love it??

I too have a little difficulty keeping my beal dunta ... sometimes even wishing that I could suck back the words that have escaped!

But GB, like the Scot I suspect, is one of the "silent species" ... they can have no cause for complaint really as we are perfect in so many other ways!

Thats my story anyway.

Elaine Adair said...

From another obedient Goddess (NOT) a lot of times DH is just spouting off and precedes his explatives, with my name - hey who else is in the room/house? Took me a while to get used to it but ...

You changed your banner again! 8-)

Hard to imagine you with your heat, while here I am trying to walk a bit, wasthing carefully to avoid the ice.