Thursday, January 31, 2008

HOUSE CLEANING and all that jazz

or rather Mind and Computer Cleaning.

I seem to have placed myself in a bit of a rut over the last couple of months and as it is the LAST day of the FIRST month of 2008, its about time to get myself organised.

On reading back on my Blog, I just don't know how any of your manage to read it. There appears to be no organisation at all. So firstly, a clean up there.

Then of course there is the sewing room which is in a continual state of "cleaning up" but at the moment.......... ummmmm passing on

The Computer Desk. I can just find the keyboard and the mouse another tidy up there.

I think the above is going to keep me busy for the rest of the week.

Oh and The Scot is not a Happy Chappie. The TV blew a fuse, There was this plop and a strange burning smell. The next morning The Scot had the back off, he is not one to send anything to a Repair Man - a few hours later he calls and asks me if I can give him a hand. The TV is relegated to the garage to await the next hard disposal day. The Scot does like his TV at night. After much searching, we are picking one up today, a new fan dangled high definition thingy and also a DVD recorder. Umm maybe now I wont miss the end of movies that he has taped and thought he left enough time.


Elaine Adair said...

You may feel you've lacked organization, but I've checked in and out numerous times. And I'm thinking of you.

meggie said...

I keep coming back for more.
Your new recorder thingy will make life easier.. we have had a few missing endings to movies, & somehow you never do rent it out to find out the end.
Hope all is well in the health stakes.

riseoutofme said...

Ah Birdy, you've been very busy while I was away keeping my head above water ...

Isn't January great for infecting us with the desire for order and change? Now if only the infection would spread to my limbs and get me moving!

Hope all is well with you.