Tuesday, January 22, 2008


The MotherCat is quite perplexed. She is wandering around the house, meowing, and then coming to sit close to me. She waited for her tea, and then came and told me she wanted more, when I went to look she still had some but I think she was telling me that Twinsey was missing. I was once told that Cats don't have memories but I am sure MotherCat is missing her son.

This is The Tiger Cat that first lived with us but must have been going on 20 when she passed on.

It was fun and games when the two black cats first joined the family.

At last I have some sewing to show. A House Block completed.

this makes 6. One centre piece and four small ones to go.

Then I can make a quilt.

I have all the fabrics ready to go.


gwensmom said...

Cats do have memories. They know when you are going to try to to bathe them or take them to the vet!

Lindi said...

Cats definitely have memories, and they're also very intelligent. Mother Cat is missing Twinsey, so give her lots of cuddles and talk to her.
Your stitcheries are lovely, Sheila. Can't wait to see what you are going to do with them.
Hugs and hugs.

meggie said...

I am sure the mother cat misses Twinsey. Poor old dear.
Your houses are very sweet!