Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A beautiful Summer Day today, but tomorrow is looking like being a stay in doors kinda day. Hot and windy.
I have to get myself in order. I did manage to get the Pay it Forward Thingies posted before Christmas ~ hope the girls liked them. I have a parcel to send to a special friend, but she is on holiday at the moment. The 2nd prize in the Decorate Your Blog Comp. is just awaiting the label,
possibly tonight. Two watchable programmes on the square box, so a good hand sewing night.
My Four Seasons Swap Quilt. This is it so far. Don't know how many times I have change the fabric in the left hand little tree. But I am quite pleased with it now. finish the stitching, then some quilting and maybe finish with some beads.

Do hope my swap swappartner likes it.

Friday is going going to be windy and hot, so I think I better put some order into the Sewing Room. No photo's showing this State of Emergency.


Lindi said...

The trees look great, much better, but I do miss the red!
I'm a bead girl, so if it was mine, I'd definitely add some beads. Tiny, tiny red ones! And some clear ones! But just on the 2 outside trees.
Whatever you do, Sheila, I know it will look great by the time it's finished, and I'm sure your swappie will love it.

meggie said...

It is a lovely little block! love those trees. Beads would be nice.
Hope you weather the heat & wind ok.