Saturday, December 15, 2007


help yourself to a drink and something to eat. I am sure you will know everyone.


Lindi said...

Yum! Thanks for the glass of wine. Here's to you and many more happy birthdays! Mmmm, lovely.
And of course I'll have to have a piece of your Birthday cake. delicious! Did you bake it yourself?
Those cherries look mighty tempting, too.
Oh, I nearly forgot... there's a little pressie for'll have to wait to unwrap it physically, but if you want a peep, check out my blog later and scroll down to the bottom. (If you want a surprise, don't look!)

Lindi said...

well, it's not quite at the bottom. It's the last thing in the right hand column, under my counter.

Sooziii said...

Wonderful yummies - don't know where to start!!
Hope you have a wonderful birthday and that the coming year will bring all your best wishes and four aces.

gwensmom said...

Happy Birthday from halfway around the world! here's hoping for many more.

Jackie said...

Happy Birthday and here's to many more to've put on a lovely spread. Cheers and bottoms up.

catsmum said...

Hippo birdies
two ewes
hippo birdies
two ewes
hippo birdies dear Sheila
Hippo birdies two ewes

from your almost twinnie

Angie said...

Dang it, I 'sang' happy birthday to you yesterday! :0 LOL But now I'm here at the party, I'll just lift a glass in your honor, dear friend, and send hugs and wishes for many more wonderful years!