Tuesday, December 25, 2007


I trust all my blogging friends had a Safe and Happy Day. Either with or remembering their loved ones.

Remember we make the Season what WE want it to be.

The Scot and I had a wonderful day, quiet but wonderful.


Ali Honey said...

Good You are sounding more cheerful. Glad you had a pleasant day. We did too, very, very low key and relaxing!

Ropheka said...

NICE Blog :)

gwensmom said...

y'all must have been feeling better!

We had a great Christmas with our family and enjoyed having my cousin home from Iraq this year.

A Happy New Year to you and the Scot!


Sue said...

Merry Christmas to you, a bit late I know but I'm only now catching up with myself.
Sorry to hear about your MIL, thoughts go out to you both.
Hope your over your cold.

windycorner said...

Hope you and Scott had a merry Christmas!