Monday, December 31, 2007


Tonight we see the Old Year Out and the New Year In. When the "Heirs" were little, we would let them stay up late, and I tried to convince them to watch the sky to see Olde Father Time shooting across the Heavens running from The Olde Year into The New One. I don't think I fooled them on that one. But I will tell you later of others things that I did.

Regarding previous comments, I don't think The Scot is really a Scot, probably a Sassenach in Woad. Hogmany is really the Scottish New Year Celebration, and they do know how to celebrate. I remember when I first knew The Scot, we would speed ride sedately on his motor bike, cross country to his sisters in Banbury where there always seemed to be a party. Lots of music, people etc. Of course My Dear Mother, who died 17 years ago yesterday, probably had years taken off her life when I met The Scot. He was older, well 8 years, he lived on his own, and he had the magic of a motor bike, and I was smitten. I was caught from the beginning, hook line and sinker. One New Years Eve we hit black ice and both came a tumbler off the motorbike. Fortunately for us there was no other traffic on the road. ummmmm I wonder do the Heirs not tell me everything roflo. I know they don't.

How things change, tonight will be text messages to the Heirs, oh the bliss of this modern technology and the kindness of the No1Son. The Scot will probably be asleep well before midnight, this is not unusual, and I will be here wishing my dear old Charlie Computer a Happy New Year. Bliss.

To change the subject...... today is H O T. They said it would be so I was up with the birds and out shopping by 8.00 am. I must do that more often. So cool and no crowds.

I will give you 3 guesses at what I bought,
bargains of course


A New Santa.
Even The Scot couldn't complain he cost all of $1.68.

The gold baubles cost a tad less $1.20.

What bargains.

and just in case you don't believe its H O T, I took this photo on the patio, out of the sun 5 minutes ago.

I will be back later, so charge your glasses and get ready to join me in Aulde Lang Syne. You will forgive the lack of bagpipes but this Genuine Sassenach just can't bear the sound of them.

I'll be back.


catsmum said...

That Santa sure is a cutie - was there only 1 left? At that price I would've snapped up all they had :]
Happy New Year to you and yours

Kate said...

I'm with catsmum, he's a really gorgeous Santa.

sMC said...

Yes he is a cutie....he was sitting all alone with the 50% of everything Christmas Goodies. So he came home.