Sunday, December 23, 2007

is I ab a cold. I never get colds, well the last one must have been about 1975, you know the last century. So now The Scot and I are racing for the headache tablets. That Chemist of ours is gonna have one tremendous Christmas on our profits.

So give a thought for this poor girl, with a streaming nose, a sore throat, sneezes, a headache, aching gums, and everything else thrown in.

The Middle Son and his wife are visiting this afternoon. (rush to medicine cabinet,not because of them, because of cold) and when they have gone I think I will go to bed.

feeling so sorry for herself, she can't be bothered to count the sleeps.


Lindi said...

Oh, Sheila, poor you. My prescription: hot lemon drinks, paracetomol and home made chicken broth.
Hope you feel better tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Things can only get better. Take garlic, vitamin C and zinc. MERRY CHRISTMAS BILL AND SHEILA, Marion

gwensmom said...

It's two more sleeps for you and three for me. Sleep is a cure-all so get a lot of it!

Angie said...

Oh Birdy, I'm soooo sorry you're under the weather! Do keep warm, have lots of naps, and hope you're feeling better in time for Santa's arrival!! :> Merry Christmas, dear friend, to you and The Scot! And thanks once again for the lovely presents!! ;p

meggie said...

Sorry to hear you are under the weather.
feel better.
Merry Christmas, to you & yours.

Natalie said...

Sorry you are both under the weather I still hope you have a little bit of Chrismas fare tomorrow and a very Happy New Year with lots of projects to share with us.Natalie

Molly said...

Merry,and healthy, Christmas Birdy to you and the Scot! Love the picture!