Friday, December 21, 2007

DON'T SAY that I didn't warn you but it's only

Next Year we will be more organised and plan early. Won't we????

December 2007 has been one of the worst months I can remember.

My Scot has been sick, so sick that he went to the Doctors, (this in itself signified something was wrong) which resulted in waiting rooms, tests, tests, and more tests. As for the chemist I think he is going to have a bonzo Christmas on the proceeds of the money we have spent there.

After being told that he had the magic 'c' formula, and a week of feeling absolutely terrible, yesterday we were told The Scot is only the 2nd Conundrum, the Specialist has seen in his 25 years of practice. They can't find anything other than a major inflammation of the throat, and the course of action is to wait a month to see what happens and if the inflammation can subside. So lots of milk shakes for My Scot with ice cream and malt, and of course TLC . The Specialist said "but Mrs Craigie is not happy" Of course Mrs Craigie is NOT HAPPY. My Scot is sick, it hurts to swallow, he has lost 15% of his bodyweight ( The Spec. thought it curious that he had worked that out). and and and all is not well.

The day we found out, that night I found I couldn't swallow, not even water, and trying to get a Doctors appointment is like winning the lottery. So The Sick Scot had to take me to the Emergency Department of the local hospital. With them trying to get me to drink assorted concoctions, and immediately throwing them up, and coming home with tablets, durr if I couldn't swallow water how was I going to swallow tablets. But after 24 hours something seemed to give and I was back to normal. A stress reaction I think. The Scot says I just wanted some of the limelight. haha. In the past 10 years or so in that same waiting room I have, cried, bled profusely, and now vomited. Have you noticed how the "throw away" receptacles resemble giant's cond----. I dont want to type the word as I don't want my blog coming up in goggle when stupid people have too much time on their hands. But I am sure you know what I mean, and I guess it always gives me a little giggle inside, despite how sick I feel at the time. :)

Then on my birthday I received the mail about my dear Mum in law.

I think the vacuum cleaner, the yard brush, the computer and my two dear cyber friends Sooziii and Lindi , have been the only things that have carried me through. So as my Mother would say, on occasion, Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries but at the moment we have the pitts.

btw do you like my new Christmas Decoration. Cost me all of $3.96. The idea came from one of the girls on the Decorate Your Blog list. There are over 400 sites to look at and I am up to 17. Long way to go.

hug your loved ones


gwensmom said...

I love the new decoration! It looks very pretty.

I am so sorry about you all being so sick:( Poor Scot. (Tell him he can have some of my body weight.) I hope whatever it is goes away sooner than a month. And that you start getting GOOD news every day for a while.

Ali Honey said...

Sending "get better," vibes in your direction! A month is too Bl...y long to have a sore throat.

I would try gargling with Brandy or similar!

Angie said...

I'm so sorry, Sheila, that The Scot has been so sick---and now YOU---why do these things always come during the Holidays! :/ Randy has been really sick for the last 3 weeks too--really sounds a lot like what The Scot has. So the Holidays are quite different this year. Sending healing vibes and quilted hugs to both of you, dear friend!