Thursday, November 22, 2007



I am just a sucker when it comes to Christmas things, I had to do an errand for The Scot yesterday and guess what was right opposite.... A Cheap Shopee... and Christmas items in the windows. So after spending half an hour having fun, I just couldn't refuse this fellow.

Now I know his tray is not centre and is crooked......but The Scot has assured me he can fix this. Another problem is (are) the numbers. Some can't be sequent ed. So I think I must find some cubes and paint new ones, maybe make three, so that all numbers are covered. I can paint a tree or such on one to make for when its not in use. A bit complicated to explain, but those of you with mathematical minds will know what I mean.

and hey..... did I mention it only cost $3.95.

Just perusing the Junk Mail....sorry Sooziii I still seem to get the catalogues, and Target have some great Christmas items so must away and have fun.


catsmum said...

I think the problem is that these things aren't designed for people who start the countdown in November... and I have done exactly what you are considering - got a third one painted. Shall post a photo of it tomorrow if I remember

riseoutofme said...

Ah Birdy ... what would I do without your timely reminders?

Now, I am off to have a controlled panic attack.