Saturday, November 17, 2007


I have a new cell phone... courtesy of No1Son.
It took all of 4 hours to find out how to put the battery in, another two to find out how to switch it on.
And it does almost everything except make phone calls..... no seriously its great what they can pack into a small piece of equipment nowadays. But I feel I am left behind. No where in the instructions could I find.
  • Put in Battery.
  • Switch on.

Pity there isn't one I could just wave around the room and say housework done?

Which brings me to Vinegar. Now in all my years of marriage I have HATED cleaning the shower and the bathroom. I wouldn't like to add up the amount of money spent on Mildew Remover. But last Wednesday there was a programme on the TV Is Your House Killing You.

And apparently the experts said, just wipe it over with vinegar. Now I have used this in the washing machine with the final rinse, since No1Son told me about it. You know teach your Mother to Suck Eggs etc. But in the shower. Well I tried it, it is the miracle of all miracles

It works, and really well.


Molly said...

I have heard tales of the wonders of vinegar over the years. My mother-in-law always pours a little in her pots and pans after she has cleaned them. It gets rid of that multi coloured cloudy shine you sometimes get even when you've scrubbed like mad.....I'll have to start using it in the shower, because as nasty as it smells, it couldn't be as bad for you as the fumes of some of those other products. Thanks for the tip Birdy, I mean Suzy [Homemaker!]

gwensmom said...

LOL house cleaning cell phones! I want one too. Actually they do have robot vaccuum cleaners, but since our dog went to his reward vaccuuming is not such an inssue. (The dog was a blue heeler BTW. Best dogs ever!)

Vinegar in the shower really does work! I have been using it for a while to keep mildew from growing on the shower curtain liner. A quick spray with a 50/50 vinegar and water solution really helps!

Lindi said...

Brown or white?