Saturday, November 03, 2007

In explanation.....

of yesterdays wordless, photo less post. I was just too mad with myself.

I spent most of last month stitching the Fractured Log Cabins. The end result, thanks to all your comments and suggestions, I am very pleased with. This of course meant I wasn't keeping up with my monthly projects (of which there are quite a few).

Yesterday I spent the day stitching the blocks for Celestial Migraine. This project I had kept up with until last month.

Now I don't worry about Quilt Police and I am not a perfectionist but I just can't leave it.

I do like the block design, I love the fabrics, they are from the ones I dyed at the beginning of the year. But I just can't live with those bad joins.

And the real reason I was so mad was because I had tried so hard to get it right.

Ah well today is another day.


meggie said...

Each day a new chance! It doesnt look too bad to me, but, hey, it is your quilt! Today might be the day the mojo works for you!

Helen said...

Probably best to be wordless when you're mad. I'm not (wordless) when I'm mad and I usually manage to put my foot in it. Somewhere.