Monday, November 26, 2007


I wish I could say that I learnt to sew at my Mother's knee, but alas she didn't sew. About 30 years ago I discovered Patchwork and this was my very first wall hanging. Now I wonder why it is green and red. It was completely hand sewn and hand quilted. Those were the days of shock horror @ machine piecing.

It hasn't been out on the wall for quite some years now, but I think this year I have just the place for it.

Although my Mother didn't sew she was a fair hand at knitting, and this she did teach me.

At Junior School I was well away at the knitting class, having learnt at home, so I was instructed to help those not so nimble. I remember well, a boy Robert Tristram (I wonder if he is on the internet now) his knitting was so tight and he dropped so many stitches. Somehow I don't think he went on to become a great knitter.

I remember making a cable stitch sweater for my father for his birthday.

In one of the previous lives I made hundreds of garments for the kids, until they became teenagers and wouldn't wear them.

When the kids were very young, I also did knitting for Patons. Making up trial garments.
Oh my that was a trial of hard work. But it gave me a little pin money, whilst being able to stay home. Those were the days of stay at home mums. The poor girls nowadays have no choice.

The Scot likes me to knit him jumpers, but unfortunately since Patchwork arrived, the knitting was left.

This is The Scot in one of his favourite sweaters. He insisted on wearing this so much. He now wears it in his workshop but I think it is headed for the rag bag quite soon.
He keeps hinting he would like another, but I pretend I don't hear.

The Princess can sew and knit, and if she put her mind to it, she would be very very creative. But unfortunately she doesn't.


Elaine Adair said...

My goodness - I thought the picture of The Scot was a cover photo ad for the sweater. And to hink they are both YOURs! You are one talented gal! I have a feeling that knitters are just as goofy as quilters! Must be something about fabric or texture, etc.

Your backet block is just fine - and to think it has a few years on it - another great job!

Brenda said...

The Scot looks very dashing!

meggie said...

The Scot does look dashing. Was his photo used for one of the Patons pattern leaflets?
I loved knitting for my kids too, until it became 'unfashionable.'

Lindi said...

My, you are certainly a talented girl. I can't knit for nuts. But then, my aunt used to knit whatever I wanted, so I didn't have to learn. I can crochet, though.
I can see why you married the Scot Sheila! Very handsome!

gwensmom said...

Whoa- The Scot is hot! The sweater looks great too.

gwensmom said...
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catsmum said...

maybe my mind is playing tricks but do I recall a post about you having the wool to make another of those icelandic style jumpers??

sMC said...

thank you all for your lovely comments, but you were supposed to be looking at my fabulous knitting not The Fabulour Scot.

catsmum..... don't remember !!!!!:)

Miss Frou Frou said...

I too knitted jumpers like that - first one for MFL (my first love) which I think he still has, 25 plus years later. He always asked for another one, and I said no way, that's what girlfriends are for and he made the ghastly mistake of saying in front of girlfriend at the time, oh yeah, she's knitted me a couple but I like yours best - idiot!

I rarely knit anything more complicated than a scarf these days, though I do dream... I used to love knitting, especially while watching MFL playing football all weekend!

Rose Marie said...

Wow .... great model! Tell the Scot he's not alone .... my DH is wearing all his sweaters that I knitted him because he probably won't be getting any more new ones. There are a couple that need fixing (been in a pile for a few years now) and I just need to find the leftover yarn somewhere here in my stash .... Here's hoping once those are fixed that he might think they are new ones?

Molly said...

You're a woman of many talents, Birdy!