Tuesday, November 06, 2007


today was apparently The Day that Stops the Nation. But like all good things nowadays most people seem to keep going.

I am talking about The Melbourne Cup. This year won by a New Zealand bred horse called Efficient http://www.stuff.co.nz/4263917a17395.html

The Scot likes a little flutter on the geegees now and again. Occasionally he wins but he really doesn't take it seriously, likes to wait until just before the race to see the odds. Usually forgets the time of the race consequently forgetting to put the bet on. Mind you he is the last of the big gamblers.... $1 quinella which I believe costs $6.
I thinks its in his genes.. his maternal maternal Grandmother ( mother's mother) was very serious about it when she retired. Apparently they called her The Dragon Gran and she would keep all the details of the horses. Which would have been no mean feat in those days, no computers or calculators. Just the little grey cells and lots of paper and pencil. Apparently she was quite successful. Unfortunately I only met knew her for about 4 years. Quite a Scottish woman did she approve of her grandson marrying a Sassenach? The Scot's Mum's description of her is
Very strict disciplinarian. Children should be seen and not heard. Sundays-walk to cemetery, not allowed out to play. Only the Bible and encyclopedia read on Sundays. Her word was law. Good at sewing, crafts.

and just to keep you updated
its now
49 more sleeps
and remember

now is that why The Scot hates getting underwear as a present. :)


Elaine Adair said...

LOL on the mention of "if you don't believe you get underwear"

meggie said...

I rather liked the sound of the Strict Grandma- but only to read about! Glad I didnt know her, but no doubt had just as formidable rellies in the Scottish ancestors. Apparently my father's grandmother was a real old harridan- then they discovered she was a secret gin drinker!!