Monday, November 12, 2007


Yesterday The Scot quite stunned me...... we were watching a TV program and he said...
I wouldn't mind some of those braces, where can you buy them. Now I was stunned into silence, something which rarely happens in our House. He then explained that he didn't like the belt around his waist and he thought it would be more comfortable with the braces. So really it wasn't a fashion statement at all. Just a Grumpy Old Man Statement. Today we managed to find some in Target and he has been wearing them all the time since we got home.
Actually they look quite kool really, I would have bought him some tartan or brightly coloured ones. But he chose. I will try and get a photo tomorrow.

Which takes me back to the time in the immediate past life, when The Scot was working long hours, I was a full time Mum to 3 kids. He would always say that he didn't have time to buy clothes, so I would buy them for him. One time, I returned shoes 4 times until I got the right, comfortable ones. But do you know I only found out a few years ago, that he didn't like my choice of fashion, but he wore them, because he ...well he said he didn't have time... but if the truth were know he was too lazy to go shopping. And I thought he dressed rather well all that time. Not the height of fashion but pretty kool. None the less. I will post a photo of his new braces and one of his fashion in the immediate past life. He is fast asleep now, and I don't want to wake him with the scanner and printer noise, as he hasn't been too well of late.

But just to finish, this is Middle Son turning in his jeans. I had done them once but he wanted them tighter. I wouldn't do it, so The Princess helped him pin them, and this is him sewing them.


meggie said...

I had a giggle at the braces! It wasn't Hewey was it, cooking? I love his colourful braces, on his large cuddly frame.

I once bought Gom a shirt, that I felt was the best looking one he owned. Years later, he told me he never liked it!

riseoutofme said...

You let your son at the sewing machine!!!! Have you taken leave of your senses woman????

Braces always remind me of Groucho Marx ... when I see them I get an irresistable urge to catch them and TWANG! Not the best way to ingratiate oneself.

sMC said...

rise.....I like to think my kids can take care of themselves, eventually :). Must try a TWANG on the unsuspecting Scot.

gwensmom said...

LOL i DARE you to twang the scot!