Sunday, November 04, 2007


or at least money well spent.

I want to improve my quilting skills. Brenda of Serendiptypatchwork wrote in her blog about this way of transferring patterns or drawings to the quilt. My drawing skills being very under par, I find the printer to be my trusted friend.

So yesterday was spent, on the Internet trying to source this product. It is not available in Australian supermarkets. I found it could be purchased at USA F00ds -The All American Grocery Store. Wow off we go. Not quite so simple, we have to create an account, no problems, this done. Ordered, oh dear your order has to be $20 or more on line. ummmm do I really need 3 rolls of something I haven't tried, and then of course there was the postage.

As you know I am like a dog with a bone when I get an idea in my head. Where do they reside, oh yes in Melbourne, is it far, oh no just down the road from where I live. Would you believe it.

So today I was off on a mission, it took me about 30minutes to get there. I was expecting a large supermarket type place like Safeway or Coles. But it was just like the family grocers shops used to be. Lots of American accents. And away I come with just one roll for just under $7.

So I thought this deserved a visit to Spotlight on the way home.

My purchases there ...... these colourful fabrics for backing quilts. I am quite short on larger quantities suitable for the back, and these are just right. I finished with 10metres of fabric and one packet of paper napkins WITH A SANTA on them all for the pricely sum of $43.49.

Like I said a day well spent.

oh and just remember its only

51 more sleeps


riseoutofme said...

Lovely fabrics Birdy .... How do you find time to quilt and blog every day?

As for the red letters at the end of your post ... I am now IGNORING them .....

Elaine Adair said...

I'm STILL not using that product (Press and Seal) for quilting - it's really good at sealing open containers - much better than Saran Wrap. Please keep informing us what it's all about.

Lovely fabrics, and like the previous commenter, I'm NOT counting days.

meggie said...

No reading the red!!
Love your new fabrics. Reminds me I need to have another visit to Spotlight.