Saturday, November 24, 2007


Mollie Bawn gets me into so much strife......... Molly Bawn Chronicles.

I just had to play as well.

I am from sewing machines,from Glad and from meditation.
I am from the dust which protects the furniture.
I am from the hot water bottle, from the smell of freshly brewed coffee.
I am from the sunflower always seeking the Sun, and from the Lavender with the sweet perfume that can sooth many a troubled brow.
I am from Christmas.
I am from stubbornness.
I am from Ellen Maude and Albert Edward.
I am from the sore limbs and the temper.
I am from the milkman, from the Gypsies.
I'm from the Sassenachs Country, bread pudding, jelly and custard.
I am from a nice cup of tea, home grown tomatoes, which I can smell right now.
I am from the inebriated soul who tossed the Sunday dinner onto the floor.
I am from the needles of the knitter who kept me in warm clothing.
I am from the sister who gave me pocket money.
I am from memories, pure gold which no-one can ever beg borrow or steal.
I am from the Cosmos... and The Gods, in whateve shape or form, will forgive me, and all will be well in the World.


Lindi said...

Beautiful, Sheila.
It's very revealing, isn't it? Yet at the same time, it adds more mystery to the person writing it.

I've traced back to the template, so now I have to have a go, but I need to think it out first.

Molly said...

You did a lovely job---for a Sassenach! Revealing and intriguing!

meggie said...

Enjoyed this. It is tempting me...

Miss Frou Frou said...

That was lovely...

daysgoby said...