Friday, October 26, 2007


and its my fault. Its just that by nature I like to try everything thats on offer. But sometimes, due to lack of confidence I get snowed under. Its like jumping in at the deepend. A thing I do constantly.

I was thinking - whilst ironing - that I just have too many projects on the go at the moment.
So I have listed them to try to make some order out of the chaos. There is no room for the list on this post :))

I don't like the second border on the log cabin, it has been bugging me. So I have thought about this. This is one solution. But I will take the offending border off and put it away for a week or so. Then see what inspiration strikes.
Inspiration struck and this is one side. I think I like it.

The Santa Bottle Caps are looking great, I think I have at last

learnt how to apply the 3d lacquer, no air bubbles or thick goo.

But I can't fathom out how to attach the clips at the back. I have put felt on the backs look neat. But the stitching on the clips doesn't look right. Maybe try the hot glue gun (even tho I do hate glue), and I know it is the back after all.

I don't send many Christmas Cards, usually just Season's Greetings Cards but thought I would make a few this year.

Now before you get all huffy at me just remember

its only 60 more sleeps .


Barbara said...

yes christmas days are coming and we are all little christmas worker, making cards and presents and...

Elaine Adair said...

I agree about your border, although the general blend of colors (kinda pink or kinda turquoise) is somewhat nice. Maybe a more solid color would work. But overall, it's really wonderful! Don't let it get away from you in the UFO drawer - it's too clever!

Now, I'm off to Quilt Guild Retreat!

gwensmom said...

It's a constant problem- too many WIPs, too little time.

I did plan ahead this year and will not be crazy like last year. And the plan for next year is even better- buy most of the presents and make things for myself for once!

Sooziii said...

Thanks for the chrissy update - I have planned ahead - tomorrow or next month I will get organised. Yeah! Like every other year I will do a last minute panic.
Thank goodness I have a Castle Hamper on order so at least the christmas food will be organised.
Not sure about the border - what would it be like if the strips were at an angle instead of straight?
How right you are about too many WIPS!!

Lindi said...

I think Soozii has a great idea. Try the angle version. Straight just doesn't quite gel for me. I love what you've done, though. Different, a little crazy and gorgeous!
Bottle cap brooches are looking good.
59 days now! AHHHH! I'm still in renovating chaos!!! Will I get my tree up? I so hope so!