Friday, October 12, 2007


I need a maid come housekeeper..... hence no sewing today or yesterday but all set for the weekend.

Sneaked to Bunnings.....the hardware, nursery, DIY shop.... with The Scot yesterday to buy a punnet of seedlings as I had a couple of spaces to fill.

And this little plant jumped into my basket.

Now I know I shouldn't buy things that look half dead, but the label looked good. I sorted its roots out, and gave it a water and have placed it, outside on the patio, undercover on the kitchen windowsill. I think I can put it onto a piece of wood. Can anyone help me, how to look after the baby.
On the label it said

Dendrobium Kingianum Bigfoot.

Will it grow ????????

And just a wander around the patio and garden. Remembering that we use water collected in the tank for the veggies and trees. And the washing machine water is used for the patio and pot plants.
This is the fuchsia that suffered last year in the hot winds, will remember to put it down on the ground in the shade this year.

The Scot has been busy in the veggie plot.

These are his new dwarf fruit trees. You can just see some fruit forming.


Ali Honey said...

Well done the Scot , that all looks under control. Your Kingianum should be fine. Mine aren't big foot, but are growing stuck into the trunk of a ponga fern. I also have some in pots. They become very root bound and just sprout out on top of each other.( see photo on my blog earlier this week with butterfly )

Barbara said...

Here in Germany wa can say: Winter is just around the corner!Warm Regards Barbara

Elaine Adair said...

I can't comment about that plant, but your gardens look very well in control! How nice to be thinking of spring/summer and here we are in the U.S., watching for cold and snow. Time to bring the wood in for the fireplace we use to keep the chill away.

cat in tassie said...

Your garden looks so neat and well cared for. I love your hanging fuchsia. We're trying to keep our garden as low maintenance as possible, but I love having some flowers in the garden.

In your comment on my blog you asked if I had a website with photos of my quilts - I only have my blog. I'll try and post some more photos over the next few weeks so you can see some more!

Julie said...

I just love your Fuchsia and I am very envious of your ability to grow them. Not sure the hot humid summers in Ipswich would be ideal to try one for myself.

Sooziii said...

Your Dendrobium only needs to be grown in a shallow pot with a medium bark mix, they do like to be crowded in their pot. Or as Ali says, you can grow them in the fork of trees or even between rocks but they take a bit longer to get established. I imagine that no-one wanted you little plant because it had finished flowering and didn't look as spectacular as it did with its lovely orchid flowers.