Monday, October 15, 2007


you could call this a bit of thisn'that....

Of course the log cabins are ongoing. There still doesn't seem to be much of a dint in the stash. But it is nice remembering either why or where I bought the materials. Sometimes I just wonder why.....some of them leave a lot to be desired. Or have my tastes changed. :)

I have also been trying out a new craft. Bottle capping. No I am not taking to the fiery liquid.

Visiting all the blogs, as one does when one should be doing other things, I came across Altered and the bottle capping. It took me over a month to source all the ingredients. Do you think I could buy a 1inch hole Australia, over the Internet anywhere. All sizes of circles, all shapes, all animals, in fact everything except a 1 inch circle. I now have in my hot little hand the most expensive hole punch I have ever had, but it is sturdy and should last a lifetime. (wonder what the kids might use it for when I am gone lol).

To get back to the bottle caps.

This is my first and second one. The first, as you can see, is a dismal failure due to the air bubbles. But I emailed Dana at Altered Stuff. A reply came back within 5 minutes (wow the airwaves were fast) and she suggested I try two thin coats instead of the one thicker. The lacquer does dry clear, but you have to leave it ~untouched by human hand ~ for 24 hours. Very Very difficult.
The one on the right I have just done so fingers crossed.
What am I going to do with them ...... you may ask ......... broaches firstly, I have the clips for the back, or maybe on a velvet ribbon. Definitely broaches as I thought they would make a nice little gift.
Oh and I must attend to emails. I have a l o t to be dealt with. But The Scot has been sick, and you know what men are like. He has an infected throat and it took over a month to go to the Drs. and he is a Grumpy Old Man. I have been trying to avoid him so emails have got left a bit. Sorry but you will hear from me shortly.


meggie said...

Well, living with the original GOM i know what you are contending with! It is very trying!!!!
We have a new infection in the house, courtesy of the smallest Gradnson... & GOM is refusing to consult the Dr...

catsmum said...

I didn't even notice the air bubbles until you pointed them out - the brooches sound like a good idea but how about tree decorations??? :] or earrings???

Molly said...

Very clever idea!