Sunday, October 21, 2007


.....edited later this afternoon..

Using up the Stash....... forget it...... it hasn't gone down and now I have this bin of zillions of 1.1/2in strips. But I have a plan. Now that I am started I see more Projects on the way.

But I must get back to some other projects. No1Son from NZ rang on Friday and in the course of conversation asked about his Fishes Wall hanging. Actually I hadn't forgotten it, I was just waiting to clear the cutting top so that I could square it up. Maybe its on its way No1 Son.

Its a beautiful day here. 32 degrees but it doesn't feel like it.

And this is what the two male members of the Craigie Clan are doing, I couldn't find Louie, she is probably asleep under my bed.


catsmum said...

what are you thinking of for the border ? - I'm seeing medium to dark in my mind's eye and fairly plainish with the centre being so busy.
btw it got a bit above 36 here but very low humidity so bearable [ just ]

meggie said...

We had a hot weekend too.
I love the quilt! The colours are lovely.

riseoutofme said...

Lovely quilt!

I'm very jealous of the panned out, laid back, sultry feeling coming from this post.