Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I just couldn't possibly be wordless today.

postie staggered to the door with parcel........ containing

This was from the lovely kind and generous cyberfriend Angie. It all came about from a newsletter from Birdbrain Designs and I just adored the Santa but I couldn't seem to find anywhere that would send the magazine to Aus. So I gathered up my courage and emailed Angie and asked if she could possible obtain one for me. A bit cheeky really - but I was desperate. ( remember its only 76 more sleeps

Thank you so much Angie, aren't bloggers just the best. But now I have found a few more projects I want to do ..... oh dear is there no end.

Indeed there is no end, because in the normal post my 4 Seasons swap quilt arrived.
This is from JulieH together with some beautiful material, which I haven't seen before, but can definitely be put to very good use. Thank you Julie.

What a week. Too exhausted for anything but sewing :)))))


cat in tassie said...

Just having a read through your blog. I'm looking forward to seeing your log cabin quilt done - it should look great. The four seasons swap looks good too.

meggie said...

Lovely goodies! The swap quilt is lovely, & fabric is always a treat.

cat in tassie said...

you mentioned in your comment on my blog that you were thinking of doing an online dyeing class. is it the one at quilt university? if so, my friend has done several of them and said they were fantastic!