Saturday, September 22, 2007


.....I seem to have a lot of those just lately.

Today was going to be the day..... tidy the sewing room. I have been starting so many different projects of late that its getting to the stage where I might have to take the sewing machine to the dining room table to sew. But then how can I find what I haven't used for over 5 years if I don't get all the boxes out. And then how can I not stop and look at things that might have been.

But oh no. I have now started ANOTHER quilt. I have been fascinated by Elaine Adaire's Scrappy Rebuilt Log Cabin - do go look at her blog, she is the most amazing woman, a brain a bit like The Scots I think, and yes that is a compliment Elaine lol.

It all started because the papers were the obvious thing to file first and while filing away...things to do .... haha... I came across Elaine's Instructions. Well you know what happened next, up comes the ironing board. I find if I put the IB in the doorway I can then use an extension (plugs in the bathroom) and this means I don't have to walk through to the dining room to iron seams. I usually don't mind as I call it exercise, but with all those seams, and finding the fabric and ironing that it was a lot of exercise.

The trial block is on the right. I still need to cut and rejoin the corners. But I wanted to see how it would look. This is my first real unplanned scrappy.

Actually I think it is going to be a very nice quilt.

When I first started quilting about 30 years ago and The Scot said "oh no not some other junk hanging around, how long will this last" roflo. There was not a great selection of fabrics available and of course no Internet or all hours Internet shopping. So I often bought without giving real thought to why and what for. Of late when having my regular tidy ups, I can't help but feel a slight uneasiness at all that fabric unused (and probably never will be). Some of it I really don't like. You know how fashion etc changes well my patchwork has done the same. So this will be an excellent way to let these fabrics see the light of day. Ummm a nice day in all.

The Santa project is on hold, as I am awaiting a 1inch hole punch. Do you think I could buy one. But found one on the internet, so just have to awaiting the delivery. But I have experimented, drawing a 1 inch circle and cutting and its really going to plan. So end of next week I will show you.


Elaine Adair said...

I am waiting to see the next step!

Funny thing about tidying up -- about 6 months ago, I cleaned out my sewing closet ... and to tell you the truth, I haven't even taken anything out, nor put it in, since then! It's just nice to open the door ahd LOOK! So, not sure what the lesson is here ...

Get that block chopped up and resewn - I'm dieing here of curiosity! (please)

meggie said...

Ooh. that block looks so nice! Always like to see another project.

riseoutofme said...

I'd like a scrappy quilt please.

Pretty please.

Pretty please and a big hug.

Pretty please and a big hug and a fat cheque.

Oh all right.