Sunday, September 23, 2007


yes I told you I couldn't read instructions and I couldn't do maths.

Today I just couldn't wait to cut the block to rejoin.

uummm it didn't work. Not through lack of instructions

anyway after realising I had to cut the block down to 10.1/2. I think I might just rely on my accurate (well imho its accurate) seams and sew the blocks to 10.1/2.

Then when I cut it I cut it wrong.

All was not lost so I sellotaped it together and tried again, and again and again and

tra laa


meggie said...

I'm sure all is not ruined??? Hope not!

riseoutofme said...

I'll take it off your hands, if you like?

Sooziii said...

Ahh a woman after my own heart - who needs to measure something when you can sellotape and cut and cut and cut and ....

Ali Honey said...

Sheila you've left your rotary cutter in a dangerous manner - close it or you'll cut yourself! We don't want you spilling blood on your lovely block now do we? I guess the old advice measure twice and cut once would be falling on deaf ears. Now enough bossy stuff from me. The consolation is we learn more from our mistakes than our carry right on! Hugs from Ali.

Elaine Adair said...

Hey, Sheila - this is just peachy! If you make 35 or 42 or 48, all at one time, you'll not have to walk so much to do the pressing - you can do 35 or 42 or 48 all at one time. I tell you the honest truth, I made them all in one weekend (nose to the grindstone/sewing machine!)

Congrats - it's cool! And your colors are so pretty, yet scrappy. Now when you sew them together, don't get hung up on little bits showing in some areas, and no seams matching with other seams, except at the corners. Just sew them together - torpedoes-be-damned style. They'll all quilt out flat.

Lindi said...

It's looking good to me!
Sometimes, accidents create situations where you need to innovate and you end up with something better than the original idea!
Then you call it creative experimenting!