Friday, September 14, 2007


At the beginning of the month, I decided that The Scot and I needed to get out a bit more. We really are very happy at home, and have all we need, the garden, the books, the computers, the sewing machine, the metal lathe, the workshops etc. But I thought it would be good for our Souls to get out a bit. So I have been trying to make a Picnic Day a week (even if it is to a Patchwork Shop).

Yesterday was the 2nd one. I planned a delightful trip. But as happens the 'well made plans of mice and men' often take a tumble.

My electric can opener had broken, it was quite new and we couldn't work out why, so decided to return it. A long story, but we had to take it to Dandenong, where they offered a quote before attempting to fix it. The Scot, of course, told them he would fix it. But after out trip we took it back to Safeway, where we had purchased it, and they just changed it. Good Service.

But I digress, as this made us late in starting, I had to quickly think of Plan B. and if that didn't work - well we could always try Plan C. All it took was a Patchwork Shop in the area and that was the Plan. So instead of heading North we headed South to the beach. (I didn't find a Patchwork Shop), but we did have a lovely picnic lunch, and then headed to the water to take some photos.

The Scot pondering on the busy life he used to lead in the city .

and one man and his dog on the beach. It was such a little dog and I think it got tired so he picked it up and carried it whilst still jogging.

The only niggle of the day was Parking Tickets. It seems in Melbourne and the suburbs it is virtually impossible to park anywhere without having to purchase a ticket. Just a niggle on a perfect day.


catsmum said...

which beach was it Sheila?
btw Bendigo has those dratted ticket machines everywhere too :[

Sue said...

Let me know if ever you come up the highway in this direction, lots of lovely quilt shops to tempt you and no parking meters.

Lindi said...

Hi Sheila
You did score some fabric yesterday, despite no shopping. Check my blog. ( I sent an email to you but it might not have got thru spam.)

Elaine Adair said...

What lovely photos, and such a delightful landscape.

DH and I Occasionally try to get back to a monthly "date" ... you would think one date a month could be easily attainable, right? NOT! Somehow those HOURS spent in front of the TV with DH hogging the remote control just don't constitute a DATE to me! ARghhhh.

Glad you were able to get out for a bit. A change of scenery always does a body good, and helps to refresh the spirit!

Molly said...

A parking ticket, eh? I warned you not to laugh!! love your beach.

Barbara said...

On this lovely place a parking ticket? yeahh! thats life !..but I think the trip was as wonderful as the voice of the waves!

meggie said...

Love those beach shots.
Every time I suggest an outing to anywhere, other than shops, I get told, "Where do you want to go? I will take you." What I really want to hear is, "I would like to go to...." His chair with the remote is the height of his travel desire!
Perhaps if I pack a picnic lunch??

Miss Frou Frou said...

Great photos... this is how I like my beaches... solitary! Probably why the last place you'll find me during the summer is on the beach.

riseoutofme said...

Nice to go to the seaside especially when you have it all to yourself. I think I feel a hankering coming on ....

Parking tickets???

Another criminal joins the ranks ...

sMC said...

catsmum...the beach was Seaford.

sue... we must head up your way

lindi... thank you thank you thank you... I love being a winner.

Elaine... its not what you would call a date... more a you are coming or else.

Molly and Rise take the smile off.... I meant Parking Meters for giving you a ticket to spend some time there. Which you pay for anyway. Haven't joined your ranks yet evbg

frou.... I'm with you on the Solitary bit.