Tuesday, September 11, 2007


in the morning....or at least after a few hours with the eyes centred on something different.

In my last post I was going to redo my 4Seasons Swap Quilt. But now I have decided I do rather like it, won't post a picture until tomorrow as I still have the binding to do. The label has been done and attached. Its funny but after not looking at it for two days it all looked better. I do hope @@@@@@@@@@ in the States likes it.

The weekend was glorious, Spring is actually coming. So the days were spent in the garden. It really needed some TLC as it had been neglected during the winter months. Weeds were pulled, pruning was done, and I conned The Scot into moving two plants. He thinks I prune and move too much. Oh and watered from the tanks, and mulched lightly as rain has been forecast for a couple of days this week, and after the rain I will mulch more. So it should be looking good for the summer. Now to move around to the patio areas. The swing seat can be erected and I think I need to make some more table covers.

Sewing was not neglected completely, during the evening I managed to finish the 3rd Sashiko block.

The flowers haven't been attached as I can't quite remember how. So rather than stitch them on, and then find out that they could have looked better they are just pinned in position for the picture. ..
On the left are the three blocks, I have no idea how I will put them together.

I would like to do more Sashiko actual Stitching.


Molly said...

Your sashiko blocks are gorgeous! funny to think of you looking forward to Spring while here we can hardly wait for autumn....

meggie said...

It does seem a topsy turvy world to contemplate at times!
I really like the sashiko. love your colours.