Monday, September 03, 2007

Its finished, apart from the fastener, will get that tomorrow.
I spent all of today with a lot of unpicking and if it hadn't been for the nice comments left yesterday, it would have finished up in the corner.
Upon great consultation with myself, we, that is myself and I, have come to the conclusion that I just can't read instructions. They were a trifle confusing (even The Scot admitted that) but on the whole it was plain and simple that I would not read word for word, I kind of skip sentences. I know this is true from previous experiences, not quilt related.

But it is not perfect, but made with love, a few choice words now and again. But then The Scot couldn't hear them over the music - and he is a bit deaf.

As Ali mentioned yesterday, sometimes its easier second time. Not that I usually make things a second time, but I do like this bag, so I think I will make myself one. (following the instructions) Oh and I will email a photo of the finished bag to the kind lady who owns The Shop, because I feel a trifle guilty having telephoned and said the pattern was all wrong. Oh dear egg on the face again.
Tomorow.......errrrr today I plan to quilt the 4 Seasons Quilt. I was very proud of myself having pieced it so quickly, so I must not let myself down by forgetting the quilting until the last minute. The label is planned in my head so that won't be a problem.


Ali Honey said...

Well done for finishing! Maybe you are a tad hard on yourself. I think your friend will be quite delighted with it.
Have you put a wee label made by you in it somewhere?....for future reference you understand.

You might have caught the bag bug too!

meggie said...

Yes, Sheila, I think it is a lovely bag! Beautiful colours, too.
I am sure your friend will love it.
Yes, a label by you is a must.

Christina said...

I also love the bag it is lovely and the fabric is so beautiful. I am sure your friend will love it I know I would. A second one is a good idea always easier second time around.
Thanks for your nice comment about my bag also.

Angie said...

It's a beautiful bag, Sheila, and I would be so happy to be the recipient of it! :D That purple lining really sets it off. :D Great job, my friend! :D

Miss Frou Frou said...

Well you're braver than me for attempting it in the first place!

OH and adopted Mum - you do know having seen your famous santa collection all those years ago at one of the get togethers inspired me to start one of my own... I've got them everywhere... and their breeding... roll on Christmas... am expecting a blog countdown like the Harry Potter ones that were around awhile ago!