Thursday, September 06, 2007

I maybe quiet for a few days.......thank goodness you say.

I am going to do another quilt for the 4Seasons Swap

Same pattern, but better placed colours.

I am really pleased with the present one, except the colours. So I will bind it to keep for


thailandchani said...

Beautiful quilt! :) I tried to learn how to do that but the measuring finally defeated me. LOL



Molly said...

Once in a while we have to make one for ourselves. To look around my house, except in the sewing room, you'd never know I was a quilter, because, if it gets finished it probsably means it was made as a gift for someone. As for the late hours that appear on my blog---I generally turn into a pumpkin after midnight. The times that show up on my blog [bloggertime?] seem totally unrelated to actual time!

Molly said...

....and no, I do not speak with a lisp!

meggie said...

I dont have a lot of quilts around, have no wallhangings. I get them out when winter comes along, & use some of them.
Love that little quilt, & I think the colours are perfectly fine!

The Calico Cat said...


Andrea said...

It's lovely - don't know why you like the colours ! Never tried the tessalation thing.

Anne Ida said...

This is an adorable quilt! I don't actually see what problems you have with the colours, though... But I guess sometimes it's something we feel, more than what others see... And knowing you'll be able to keep this beauty for yourself makes me not feeling sorry for you for making another *lol*