Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I think I've got it, I think I've got it

Just to make sure, I tried this in photoshop. This is just a digital example, my live one will be completely scrappy.

Now you may think I am obsessing a bit over this Log Cabin. The reason is that I have only ever made one before. This was about 28 years ago in my early days of quilting. It was a workshop at a Shop. Very expensive for the time, and the fabrics were all expensive ones. (Don't tell The Scot but they cost over $100 and that was big bucks then. All was well until I had completed all the blocks, the next stage was to join them. Hahahaha

I finished up with 3 files of different sized blocks. I was devastated and took a special trip into the shop to ask for help. I was dumbstruck..... the answer was "oh that's just bad sewing" no help no advice no nothing. So after going home and having a little cry. Yes I do cry on the odd desperate occasion. My little brain (with the hole) came to the conclusion. Oh just cut them all down to the same size.

This I did. and hey this is the result.

I vowed I would never part with this or stitch another logcabin. But The Princess was going through a very rough patch in her life and I asked her if she would like a quilt and she could choose.

And now that Elaine Adaire is giving me all this inspiration. So I guess "Never say Never" would be a good name for my new quilt.


Miss Frou Frou said...

Have enjoyed the progress to date... I love log cabins... though am too inaccurate as a machine sewer... could try to handsew them I suppose!

Elaine Adair said...

Woooo hooooo!!!!!

And now you taught me something about Photo Shop which has been sitting next to my computer for one year, almost untouched because I am blogging all the time!

I LOVE that block - Hooray ... and the other LGs are just wonderful -- you had me convinced you were not experienced - you rascal you!

meggie said...

Lovely block Sheila! And a wonderful Log Cabin quilt!
Some of those early shop owners had a lot to answer for! grrrr.

Lindi said...

Love your early Log Cabin! See...,it's just like I said yesterday...
"Never say never" mmmmm, I like that! A Perfect name.