Tuesday, September 18, 2007


a day of gardening......The Scot pruned his beloved passionfruit. Hope to goodness they don't die on him.

A day of sewing. the September blocks for the Celestial Migraine Quilt. This is looking quite stunning and I am keeping up with the blocks per month. Not like some other projects :(

The weekly shopping.


Quite a bit of time spent surfing the net. Have found a new
craft I would like to try. Not a time consuming one like the Patchwork. But just some gifts to make. Managed to source the ingredients in Australia and just awaiting delivery to have a go.
Will then post pictures of the results.

The picnic is planned for tomorrow but will include a visit to the library (armed with my list of authors)


meggie said...

Sighs... in memory of our wonderful passionfruit vine. Gom pruned it... right down at the base of the trunk! The neighbours were very upset it died.
Have a nice picnic day. Your Celestial Migraine is stunning.

Molly said...

Does The Scot actually get fruit off the passion fruit vine or is it just decorative?

sMC said...

Molly The Scot's insides are purple during the fruiting season.. see http://birdwomanau.blogspot.com/2007/02/passionfruit-ice-cream.html

riseoutofme said...

Just playing catch up myself Birdy ...

And where are you going to get the time for a NEW craft?? What is it??

Tell me NOW ... I promise, I won't tell anyone else .....