Thursday, September 20, 2007


until the Jolly Red Man glides across the sky.

I have found an interesting small present to make, I will wait until the finished result to show you. But it does involve one of the images on the right. And some bottlecaps.

And here I have to give praise to or Scrappit.
For their excellent, efficient and fast service.

The Santa images I could purchase, but I thought I would try my own. So I found one of my Santa figures and photographed him and then printed
out all the little ones. The finished size I want of each individual Santa is 1inch. So I wanted a very clear photo. This I am pleased with, its just the next step. So watch this space.

Oh and I am not so mad at The Scot now, but he just sat there shaking his head in disbelief when he saw the Santa page being printed.

and again oh he didn't see the pinwheel on the ironing board, so I didn't say a word will just wait until I have a finished top then surely he can't miss it. :)))


meggie said...

This is looking very intriguing??

riseoutofme said...

I don't believe it .. Santas in September ....

Have you no mercy?

Jane said...

I have been looking asiduosly (now how the heck do you spell that?) for a Christmas counter on your blog and as I crept down.....look what I found.

Funny that......and the number of days to go is........