Friday, August 31, 2007


Lucky lucky lucky me (doing a happy dance)

I came across the photo of the magazine on the left in a newsletter
from the cover cushion is one of their projects.

Angie a blogger friend is kindly sending it to me.

Although I should mention here that Robyn from - what a lovely name. Has been very helpful but I was a bit challenged.

Should I mention at this stage that it is only 116
yes ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTEEN more sleeps until the Jolly Red Man takes to the skies.


Molly said...

Ninety degrees in the shade is not conducive to getting ready for CHristmas!

Christina said...

What a gorgeous cushion is the pattern online?

meggie said...

OMG you really threw a scare into me with that!! I am still getting over Easter. LOL.

aykayem said...

but last Christmas was only a few weeks ago wasn't it?