Friday, August 17, 2007


Its finished, I am not sure about the 2hour business, more like 2weeks.
But its finished. I am not totally happy with it.
  • unpicked it so many times, the fabric started to fray
  • couldn't work out how to join the darn thing
  • stitched the top flap in as the bottom of the bag .... neat bag but not correct
  • I also need to plan the colours ... I now have a diagram and where each hex is, so I can plan the colour better
  • Couldn't find a suitable button
  • All in all.
  • I LIKE IT.... but I need to make a proper one. Will consider this my prototype.

But thought I had better post a photo, as you might think I had been skiting all week.


Miss Frou Frou said...

I have enough trouble making quilts that are flat.. bags are way to complex for me... looks cute!

Sue said...

Glad to see the finished bag, very cute. Would love to see it in Japanese fabrics, notice I'm not volunteering to make one! :)

riseoutofme said...

WOULD we think something like that about you, Birdy????

Natalie said...

Lovely idea for a bag Sheila think I will have a go at it. The video was hard to follow when I looked.
You have done well.......Natalie

aykayem said...

hmmm ... half way through the video I had already started thinking of ideas of maybe doing this with diamonds (making each hexagon up from a group of 3 diamonds) ... and that was before the video got up to the bit about using hexagon shaped units for a tote bag ... LOL
now ... all I need is a spare couple of hours (days? lol) to have a go at making the thing ...
(says I, who is not sure I am going to have time to finish my crochet plastic bag jumpsuit in time to enter it in the TASDA exhibition)